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About me
The Photographer, Storyteller

A Wanderer & Traveler

Based in the Niagara & KW region, I also travel to and wander around surrounding regions such as London, Guelph, Cambridge, Missisauga, Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

An Explorer, Giver & Creator

When I’m not photographing people in love and in celebration of marriage, you’ll still catch me with my camera in hand usually taking photographs of landscapes, portraits and my travels. It’s more than just a service I provide for others, but a way of living and experiencing life – a passion that comes full circle. Likewise, when I’m not doing anything related to weddings and photography, I’m still serving others as a Registered Nurse.

I love food in general and will practically eat any type of cuisine. I’m a huge fan of the outdoors, exploring places and destinations. I’m an introvert-extrovert kind of guy. Some of my creative inspiration and energy come from spending time in nature, listening to music and reading books; but also from people/couples I connect with.

I think vibe is everything. When I can connect with couples like friends and vice versa, our time spent together becomes more fun like we’re just hanging out.

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