professional side profile headshot of paolo manrique


With over 15 years of photography cultivated as a hobby-passion; years of wedding experience to refine his service; and a specific skillset that he carries with him from his undergraduate healthcare career — Paolo is a talented photographer who can be trusted to confidently pose and direct subjects, efficiently handle large parties, create stylish portraiture, and skillfully document both intimate and candid moments.



A portrait shot of paolo manrique in action taking a photograph during fall months

Paolo has a BSc in Nursing from McMaster University. This formal education and career path is a staple influence in how he manages and works with his clients — with kindness, attention to detail, a person-centered approach, and most importantly an enthusiasm for life and its celebrations.

Paolo prides himself in being a Photographer. Photography as a lifestyle first, then a business venture. He works well with weddings that are full of joy, romance, love; elegance with modern influences; beautiful settings and design; epic outdoor adventures and candid dance scenes. His particular background from nursing and now entrepreneurship has sparked a dedication to live life in alignment, to capture its wonders, and the moments that make it worth living.

Every hour is an investment in life, an investment in the story of who we are.