We began our day with breakfast and coffee at Queens Coach Family Restaurant in Niagara Falls. It was my first time being at the family breakfast restaurant, but the place is well known to the bride-to-be and was a go-to place to dine-in for her growing up in the area. The breakfast was phenomenal! The site also kept a lot of its heritage and heirlooms overtime, so it made it all more of a unique place to go to. Afterwards we headed to the Gorge which was only minutes away from the restaurant. The gorge was also a first for me, but not for the couple. They would typically go on long walks along the gorge for some quality time together with nature as it was a beauty-of-a-gem close to home.

That’s exactly what we did at the gorge, wandering around, finding cool spots and creating a fun experience out of their adventure engagement session. To end things off we had another round of coffee at Niagara-on-the-lake. Then shared ice cream and some photos with the bride-to-be’s parents and dogs at THE best ice cream place in Niagara Falls – St. Catharines area Avondale Dairy Bar. I had their peanut butter chunk flavoured ice cream and it was heaven.

I hope you enjoy a tiny peek into the couple’s life. I look forward to photographing their Niagara Falls wedding early this fall.

Photo of Queens Coach Family Restaurant entrance Couple having breakfast at Queens Coach Family Restaurant Couple having coffee at Queens Coach Family RestaurantInterior photo of Queens Coach Family Restaurant NiagaraPhoto of couple looking out at Niagara Glen Couple laughing together at Niagara Glen Intimate moment of couple at Niagara Glen Couple about to kiss at Niagara Glen Traditional portrait of couple at Niagara Glen Couple climbing a giant rock at Niagara Glen Fiancé's engagement ring in focus at Niagara Glen Piggyback couple photo at Niagara Glen Couple jumping in joy together at Niagara Glen Couple piggyback riding at Niagara Glen Couple having fun during engagement session Couple enjoying their photo session at Niagara Glen Hipster pose of couple at Niagara Glen Couple having coffee together at Niagara-on-the-lake Couple having an ice cream at Avondale Dairy Bar Couple and dogs at avondale dairy bar